Unleashing Your Potential

By | November 13, 2017

I remember a few years ago when LeBron James was preparing to play in the NBA, he was awarded a $ 90 million (yes, $ 90 million) contract with NIKE before he ever played one game. He hadn't put on a pair of shoes or a NBA uniform, or had even been drafted yet. Why was NIKE willing to invest so much into him before he ever even played a game? The answer is easy...POTENTIAL.

LeBron was about to be highly paid mostly because of his basketball potential. I think that LeBron down deep knew he was going to be a great player. He knew that he had the opportunity to be very successful. But he hadn't played one game in NBA yet. Basketball commentators, NIKE and followers of the game, somehow knew how great he was going to be. Maybe even more than he did. They all recognized his potential.

There is great potential inside of you as well. Maybe you don't recognize it, maybe you don't see it, and therefore you probably don't believe it! I always say that potential is a great thing as long as you aren't 50 years old. Now I also believe that it is never too late to become all that you were created to be, but nobody wants to be looked at when your 50 and have someone say, "man he has a lot of potential".

Here are a few short steps to help you unleash your potential.

1) Discover and recognize your skill sets and gifts. Find the things that you are passionate about. The things you do well and seem to come easy for you. Come to terms with you can't be great at everything. You can be good a lot of things, but great at only one.

2) Feed the beast. Once you discover and recognize, you have to feed the beast. Study, read and train. Invest in yourself. The greatest investment that you can make is in yourself. Your potential is like a muscle. It has to be developed and matured. The greater the effort, the greater the results.

3) Surround yourself with like-minded people. Once you have discovered and invested in yourself, surround yourself with people who are going the same direction you want to go. They will help keep you accountable. Often others will see more in you than you see in yourself. Most people only see the negative and shortcomings in themselves. While others, mentors and coaches, often see the good and the potential.

There is a great you just waiting to happen. Unleash your potential today!

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