Types Of Fencing- Portland, Oregon

By | January 1, 2018

Installing fence on the front yard not only enhances the beauty of landscaping, but also ensures safety and privacy to the house. A fence marks the boundary of a house and protects the family members from a lot of things. If a family has kids or pets, it is essential to do fencing, as it will restrict their movement beyond safety zone.

Fences are common in Portland, Oregon for the benefit of owners of the property. Fencing done around the backyard or front yard can be either solid (which does not permit vision) or open (permits vision). The solid fences are usually walls that obstruct vision. These are generally high and provide maximum protection. The major advantage of this type of fencing is the privacy it offers. These types are generally found in the backyards of urban homes. The open fences are made of barbed wire or wood. These can be either of high or medium heights. Along with security it offers vision as well. This type of fencing is ideal for open or rural areas in Oregon, where there is need to keep an eye on the livestock.

The open fences can be of three main subcategories. These are as follows-

1. Perimeter fencing: This boundary fencing is constructed to avoid trespassing of strangers. This fencing also keeps the children from straying onto roads. It also provides privacy for the home owner.

2. Agricultural Fences: These are designed to restrict movement across a certain boundary. These types are usually made of barbed wire and meant for agricultural purposes. This is done to keep potential predators out of the grazing area for the livestock.

3. Temporary fencing: This is to provide security during functions or concerts. These are usually made of plastic or fiber, because the materials are light and easy to carry.

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