Types Of Decking- Portland, Oregon

By | November 27, 2017

The best way to enjoy some quality time with the family is hanging out together in the backyard. To decorate the backyard, many people across Portland, Oregon look for the perfect outdoor furniture. However, to make the backyard a perfect one- decking can be done. Decks come in wide ranges of designs, shapes and sizes.

There are basically two types of deck- a ground level and an elevated. Combination of these also can be done. A ground level deck is made from studs that measure 150mm x 50mm. The deck is built onto concrete paving slabs which has a minimum size of 600mm x 600mm x 50mm. The slabs are bedded on either sand or mortar. The paving slabs are spaced out at no more than 1800mm centre's. The deck studs are spaced out at the maximum distance of 400mm centre's. To prevent the growth of weeds, landscaping fabric is required underneath the deck. In an elevated deck, the posts are spaced out at no more than 1800mm centre's. Bearers measuring 150mm x 50mm are attached to the top of these. Two bearers are used for each post and then the studs for the deck sit on top of the bearers. These are securely fastened, and the studs are positioned at no more than 400mm centre's.

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