The Fantastic Costa De Luz

By | November 13, 2017

Exploring Spain

Are you looking for the perfect holiday destination? Are you confused because you don’t know what to choose? Well, here is a wonderful idea - go to Spain in order to visit the splendid Costa de la Luz. The name of this Coast translates in English to “Coast of the Light” and derived its name from the spectacular beaches to be found along its shores. Located in the southwest of Andalusia the beaches are covered by such bright sands, that the light reflected by the sun makes them unique and absolutely amazing. The biggest advantage of this coast is that it has managed to survive mass tourism and it is still possible to find wild unspoilt areas which resemble paradise on earth. There are numerous National Parks around this area specifically created to protect the thousands of animal, bird and plant species of the region. One of the most famous and the largest is Doñana covering in excess of 500 square km. The park was designated a World Heritage Site in 1994 by UNESCO.

The wonderful beaches

The spectacular beaches are very wide and entirely covered by white, fine sand, forming endless dunes. In fact, these beaches have the finest sand you’ll find in Spain. Imagine that the sands are met by crystal clear, blue waters which are great even for children, because they are shallow. The tourist resorts you’ll find along the coast are excellently equipped with beautiful marinas and with several golf courses for those who want to relax somewhere away from the sand. These are places that you have to be interested in.

The coast’s attractions

There are other types of attractions on the Costa de Luz apart from its beaches. The historical sites are numerous here and very well maintained, exactly like the entire region. The ancient civilizations that once ruled over the coast left their mark; the Phoenicians, the Romans, even the Greeks and the Muslims, they all left their fingerprints. The cuisine of the region is another main attraction; tourists say that the traditional dishes have unique flavors on the Costa de Luz. This is probably due to the fact that they are all cooked with fresh ingredients, produced in the orchards and the groves of the region. If this is enough for you to make a decision to spend your holiday on the Costa de la Luz, choose one of the wonderful resorts: El Rompido, Isla Canela or Punta Umbria. Have fun and enjoy your stay!

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