Share The Potential Given To You

By | December 8, 2017

When was the last time you shared your potential - gift, talents with others. I know that it has been a long time but now start to share them and enjoy the fruition of that gift.


God's nature is built around sharing and giving but not receiving back from others as illustrated in Acts 20:35. Before the world was created, everything existed in Him- the manufacturer. All that we have seen and yet will see comes from Him. God could have kept all this stuff inside Him without releasing it out, but it would not have benefited Him there. He had to release it through creativity before the beauty and power of His potential could be revealed. Everyone beauty and power lies in his revealing of his gift.


Everything God called into being He gave a purpose that meshes with the purposes of the world. Every animal - bird, fish, insect, reptile, plant is connected to the whole of creation. Human beings are God's crowning creative act. The treasure He put in us He took from Himself. He chose to give us part of His potential so we should use it for Him. God could have run the world by Himself, but He brought you and me into His plan so that we could bring glory to Him by revealing all He is. He does not need our involvement to accomplish all He is capable of doing and being, but He wants us to enjoy the blessing of participating in His purpose. Your gifts, talents and abilities are your share of the endowment God gives to mankind to bless all creation.


Whenever the wealth of our potential is minimized by not revealing or when we do not share it with others. Potential is maximized and fulfilled only when it is shared. This sharing of potential is God's ways of bringing to pass His plan and purposes for men and women.


Do not be ignorant of not sharing your gift for God will be annoyed with you and destroyed that kind of potential in you and placed it in other person who is having the faith to do His will.


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