Potential Dangers?

By | November 13, 2017

I dont think people realize how much of a danger some of their car accessories can really be until they get into an accident and then realize they shouldnt have been paying so much attention to something other than driving. What gets me confused is that manufacturers build the cars for safety, but the things that are built inside the car get you distracted from the road. How does that work? Heres another one - if the speed limit is 65 MPH, why do they make cars go faster than that?

06. Lift Kit
- When people usually use a lift kit in order to improve the cars center gravity, its basically like putting a coin on its edge rather than on its face. The higher the boost is, the more likely your car is to flipping.

05. Fog Lights that are colored
- When you need to replace your Fog Lights, its best if you stay using the standard-issue fog lights because theyre safer for other drivers; you dont want to be blinding people when you drive. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the only advantage that yellow lights have is that they have a better appearance that some people prefer to have.

04. TV Screens on your dash
- Can you believe that there's TV Screens on dashes now? Seriously?

For one, why are there TV Screens on the dash; where people usually look to see how fast theyre going and how much gas they have left. At first they were only meant for the kids in the back who wouldnt stop crying, but now the adults are getting in the fun. Virginia and Illinois are two states that actually have a law prohibiting the installation of any screens in the front where the driver can see.

03. GPS Systems
- I think these are kind of the same as TV Screens: it has colors on it and you can get distracted by it. I guess its good because it shows you where you need to go and all that jazz, but what if you get confused and just keep looking at the screen? Then what happens? You dont see where youre going and theres a big possibility that you can get into an accident.

02. Cup Holders
- I think this is more for people who drink hot coffee - which is probably the majority of us. When you spill it, youll most likely end up swerving and just doing things to other drivers that you really shouldnt do.

01. Limo Tints
- Usually, when you have really dark tinted windows, cops cant see you; this means that you think you can get away with doing whatever you want. These things that you do keep you super distracted from the road - especially since you think that the cops cant see whatever youre doing in there.

I think that these are most of the things that can keep people like me and you really distracted from putting all of our focus on driving. Sure I understand that when you have people in the car, youre going to be talking to them, but they can see where youre going so if you do something wrong, they can tell you your mistake. When youre driving by yourself, you dont have that extra safety.

Do you have any of these things? Do you think that they distract you? Do you plan on getting rid of them if they do distract you?

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