Portfolio Development

By | November 14, 2017

Portfolio development is an integral part of every animation student's education. It is very important to docket everything that is a part of your artwork and keep it on record for showing your prospective employers the creative streak that you posses. The portfolio inclusions start as early as your first project during your animation studies and it continues till your final diploma film. It's very important for a person who is an absolute fresher in terms of animation as a career to have a good portfolio to your advantage. Portfolio does not always mean for a job, it may also mean getting admission into a better college for higher studies into animation. Portfolio may be of different types. It may be hardcore paperback or it may be a digital one depends on the requirements of the company or the college.

Portfolios of companies delivering web services offer information about its trade transaction and previous project works from that you can certainly make up your mind about the firm.Names of renowned corporate houses in the customers' list is evidence of the company's competency. It also signals that the company has skilled and talented work force. Keep in mind that you need to select such a company which can reflect your firm's vision and objectives through its web services. Sometime, portfolios also feature additional services provided by the firm.

Check the portfolio to judge how the sites developed by the company fare in terms of cross browser compatibility. Remember that your visitors may use different browsers to access your website. In order to cater to all of them, your website should function well on all the major browsers like IE, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Safari, Opera etc. If your website looks great on Firefox but is a mess on IE, you will end up losing all your IE visitors. So, checking how your short listed provider offering web development services copes with this factor is an important point in decision making.

Slow loading time is another big turn-off for Internet users. If your website makes people wait for long the first time, they are unlikely to visit it again. So, while checking the portfolio, test how fast the sites built by the service provider load as this would give you some idea about how good the company is at making websites. Remember -you will be able to have high visitor retention rates only if you have websites that load fast.

When presenting your portfolio, it should be user friendly and intuitive. Sleek and streamlined user interface should provide more functions such as sort and search functions. When a user clicks on a thumbnail, a large screenshot of the website will show. In a creative way, a slideshow or an interactive portfolio would also appeal to the customers because it gives them greater freedom to check out each of your work in greater detail.

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