Install Wood Fence- Portland, Oregon

By | January 5, 2018

Installing wood fence around the front or back yard is not only aesthetically pleasing, but ensures safety and privacy as well. Wood fence in Portland, Oregon is popular because it is easy to install, versatile, can be painted with ease, stained or left unfinished.

Wood fencing has a rugged and natural appearance and if proper care is taken, it can keep its good looks for years. Though there are different types of wood available, in Portland, Oregon, the most popular choices are the cedar and redwood. While the former has a distinctive pleasant aroma and natural resistance to attack by termites; the latter has a stylish appearance and is also naturally immune to both mildew and insects.

Popularity for wood fence is also because of its natural looks than any other material. Wood is the obvious choice for getting a rugged or rustic look. As wood is bio-degradable, it is also more eco-friendly. If it ever needs to be torn down and replaced, the parts can be used as mulch for the garden. For its versatility it can be used effectively in different scenarios. Along with providing privacy and security, it also adds a visual appeal. There are many types of wooden fence like- picket fence, split-rail fence, board fence, dog ear, French gothic, shadowbox, flex fencing, and many more. The split-rail type evokes a rustic feeling. This type is ideal for enclosing a large area. Using a board fence will allow some light to pass through. Though wooden fencing can be a bit more costly than other materials like vinyl, but, proper maintenance can certainly be an investment that will be appreciated for years to come.

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