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By | November 13, 2017

- What is so special about Forex Profit Multiplier?

Forex Profit Multiplier is designed to make it easy to trade the Forex Markets by providing the tools and trading plan that should fit into almost anyone's busy work schedule and life style.  Forex Profit Multiplier is about allowing busy people to actually trade the Forex markets without disrupting their daily routines.  To do this, Forex Profit Multiplier focuses in on trading 4 hour charts and provides not only the CD's and manual that teach every aspect of  three powerful synergistic methods but also for the first time ever, Intelligent Trade Alert Software that supports the trading plan by automatically alerting the trader whenever a setup occurs on one of the six major pairs.  These alerts can be by cell phone, computer or email or all three.  And to top it off, Group Coaching sessions aimed at assuring that all of our students get the support they need to be a winner. These are weekly sessions in webinar format where all students can see Profits Run coaches' trading computer as they teach and clarify every aspect of FM.  These are highly interactive with students asking any and all clarifying questions to assure understanding of the methods as well as how to use the Trade Alert Software.

- Is this course only for experienced traders or the new traders, with little experience will find this course useful?

Forex Profit Multiplier is for new and experienced traders alike.  Included is a basics module and step by step trading instructions for each of three methods.  So a new trader should be able to get up to speed very quickly.  Experienced traders will immediately recognize the power of these methods and be able to implement them in their trading activities with no problem.

- What type of trader is this course for?

Forex Profit Multiplier is going after 1 to 5 bars swings on the 4 hour candlestick charts anywhere from 30 to 120 pips per trade.

- More information about these 3 trading methods that the course teaches?

The methods compliment each other, that is they work synergistically together.  They all are aimed at identifying high probability setups and so are very particular about when and how to enter the market.  The Impulse Method enters when a new trend is just beginning, the Propulsion Method enters when a trend is already underway after corrective price action and the Spring Method enters after an extended trend has exhausted itself for a counter trend move which is usually the beginning of a new trend in the opposite direction.

- Does the course also teach money management and risk control?

Absolutely and it does so in such a way that any trader following these principles will never expose their account to huge losses.

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