Experience the original Portland Oregon in Old Town Portland and Northwest District Portland

By | November 13, 2017

Like any other metropolitan city in the world, Portland Oregon also has its older and newer parts. If you want to experience old Portland with a lot of history thrown around then the places you need to consider are Old Town Portland and Northwest District Portland. Both these neighborhoods are one of the earliest parts of Portland and form the heart of the city. If you want to experience Portland like the way it used to be then either of these two neighborhoods are perfect.

Old Town Portland Oregon, also known as Old Town Chinatown, is part of the north west section of the city. The eastern side of this neighborhood is bounded by the Willamette River. Some of the most historic places in Portland are located in this area. Both Portland New Chinatown / Japantown Historic District and Portland Skidmore / Old Town Historic District can be found listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Unlike the Chinatowns of some other cities like Vancouver, San Francisco and Oakland, the Chinatown in Portland is a relatively small place. It is part of Old Town Portland and has some Chinese businesses and establishments. But staying in this area is not only limited to the Chinese people. Chinatown, like the other neighborhoods of the city, is also enhancing itself. There are many new developments that are happening in the area and it is now a bustling neighborhood where many new residents of the city are moving in.

Northwest District Portland Oregon has one of the highest density of population in the city. Northwest District Portland forms the core of Portland and is a fantastic combination of old style homes and apartments and new and swanky high rises and condos. This is an area dotted with some of the finest shopping and dining establishments in the city. NW 21st Avenue and NW 23rd Avenue are well known for their upmarket stores and shops. You also have the Alphabet Historic District in this area.

Like other cities in the country, Portland is also experiencing a rise in population. It is not only the Americans that are settling down here. People from other countries have also started calling Portland their home. As a result, the city is gradually expanding on all sides. From the heart at the center of the city, growth is gradually happening in whichever direction you care to venture. What Old Town Portland and Northwest District Portland will give you is the real taste of Portland and what it is all about.

Whether you want complete peace and quiet or hustle and bustle of a big city, both Old Town Portland and Northwest District Portland are ideal solutions for you. Like all the other areas of Portland, these two areas are also green and clean. The quality of life is good and so is the level of safety for the residents. Invest in Old Town Portland and Northwest District Portland real estate to have a grand feel of the original residents of Portland Oregon.

Want to see Portland in its true colors? Come stay in Old Town Portland or Northwest District Portland .

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