6 million dollars in humanitarian aid detained illegally in Brazil. Ask to parliamentarian Vicente Candido, workers party of Sao Paulo (PT)

By | November 13, 2017

6 million dollars in humanitarian aid detained illegally in Brazil.

Ask to parliamentarian Vicente Candido, workers party of Sao Paulo (PT), which occurred with 20 containers full of clothes and toys that are rotting in the port of Santos in Sao Paulo Brazil and he certainly will look you surprised. But, not because he know nothing about the subject, but because it is very likely that he knows that much of the humanitarian aid sent by the nonprofit organization, Solidary of the United States, was mislaid by unscrupulous and dishonest people like him.

It all began in 2008 during a meeting with Mr. Paul Chehade in Milan, Italy. Mr. Candido asked the President of the Solidary Foundation, to send donations to the poor people of Brazil, under the promise that he would personally attend that, all this aid, would reach to the destination. The Adventist Institute of Sao Paulo, a Christian organization that is dedicated to helping the thousand families with limited resources, would be required to distribute these donations.

Are already past two years, and despite countless legal and diplomatic efforts made by the Solidary Foundation of the USA, their partners, and the Adventist Institute, the containers remain to held in the port of Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil, hoping the Parliamentary fulfills its commitment of, start effective customs procedures, for that aid reaches the people who really need it. The goods are valued at Six Million U.S. dollars, and consist of clothing and new toys, enough to meet the needs of approximately 5,000 families for one year.

The goods were shipped from Miami to the Foundation for Advanced Technology - ATAPESP, located in São Paulo, (CNPJ 01.1867.129/0001-64), which is the entity that has legal and necessary permits to receive the containers and then forwards them to Adventist Education Institute, located in the Itapecerica da Serra Road, No. 5859, São Paulo, Capital, Brazil.

All the history described above, is properly documented, and has photographs of the containers, not only in Florida USA before being shipped, but also of the meetings held between Mr. Paul Chehade, and Brazilian Parliamentarian, Mr. Vicente Candido.

The Solidary Foundation, sent letters explaining the situation and asking for help to the President of Brazil, Mr. Lula da Silva, Brazil's Ambassador to the United States, Mr. Antonio Patriota, the Brazilian Consul in Miami, Mr. Luis Felipe Mendonça Filho, Ambassador of United States in Brazil, Mr. Clifford Sobel, the U.S. Consul General in Brazil, Mr. Thomas J. White and to the parliamentarian Mr. Vincent Candido. However, none of the people answered satisfactorily, nor have pledged to contribute to solving problems.

The Institute Adventist hired, as its lawyer, Dr. Manoel dos Santos Paixao, who has mandate to solve the legal issues of the case and obtain the release of containers, to be delivered to their rightful recipients.

Despite all efforts by the Solidary Foundation and Institute Adventist, since the arrival of the containers to Brazil, no one had access to them to review them and establish if they had violated their seals or not. However, as per attitude of the Parliamentarian Candido, who has not answer to our requests for explanations, it appears that this gentleman does not want other people of support of port of Santos, helping in addressing the issue, and we infer, that fear a possible irregularity that may have been committed by him or his agents.

For more information about this case, please contact in Brazil with Mr. Fernando I. de Figueiredo, Managing Director of the Association Internationale de Solidarite "Solidary" - BRASIL - Phone + 11 55 11 85258882.

Donation to Instituto Adventista de Ensino:
http://www.solidary.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article &catid=48:humanitarian-work&id=371:brazil-donation-to-instituto-adventista-de-ensino&Itemid=116

By Pablo Padula




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