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Portfolio Development

Portfolio development is an integral part of every animation student’s education. It is very important to docket everything that is a part of your artwork and keep it on record for showing your prospective employers the creative streak that you posses. The portfolio inclusions start as early as your first project during your animation studies… Read More »

Pastels and Portfolio

A portfolio is a large case used to transport or store your papers and pastel works. The best type of portfolio opens like a book, with zippers or ties on three sides. These cases are usually made of vinyl-covered cardboard, and sometimes leather. We don’t recommend the envelope-style portfolios that only open on one side,… Read More »

Modern Portfolio Theory

Modern Portfolio Theory   There are two explanations which preserve the integrity of earlier and more theoretical discussions of risk and return. First, as was explained in the last article, according to modern portfolio theory, the risk premium of an individual asset is not measured by its own variability considered in isolation but rather by the contribution… Read More »

Reason for Stock Portfolio

Reason for Stock Portfolio   A reason for the treatment of portfolio management as a separate article is that it depends upon the needs and tastes of individual investors. It is possible to estimate expected returns for individual securities without regard to any investor, but it is impossible to construct a portfolio which is optimum for an… Read More »

Portfolio for web design

A website designing company should provide graphic design and website design portfolio on their website to attract and maintain the potential customers. If you are really new to this field then initially it would be little difficult to create a portfolio in a right and exact manner. Initially you need to design blog or website… Read More »