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By | November 14, 2017

Bill Poulos’s brand new Forex Profit Multiplier program is SO MUCH MORE than just the custom, intelligent trade alert software you’ve been seeing.

WAY MORE than that.

While the software is “cool” and I know that’s what’s getting all the attention, when you become Bill’s student, you also are going to get:

* The complete, step-by-step Forex Profit Multiplier Home Study Course, packed with 8 CD-ROMS, 5 trading blueprints, 8 reference manuals, and a LOT more…

* 1 year of unlimited email support (this is NOT crappy, outsourced support, either – you get priority V.I.P. access for a FULL YEAR with Bill’s highly-paid, full-time support team that sits right outside his office and actually USES this program)…

* 8 group coaching sessions, which kick off in November… these are a HUGE value and a great way to hone your skills with the Forex Profit Multiplier  and become an Independent Master Trader as quickly as possible…

You’re getting over 12 grand of real value for a super low price compared to a lot of “watered down” offerings that litter the marketplace (you’ve seen ‘em)…

I’ve been watching Bill for years, and I can say without a doubt that the Forex Profit Multiplier is the best trading program he’s ever produced, and I know that once you try it and see what it can do for you, you’ll see how easy Forex trading really can be.

But here are some FACTS regarding this program:

* Bill WILL be pulling it off the market very soon because his support team is almost at capacity…

* If he releases more copies in the future, he’ll almost certainly be increasing the price to be “on par” with my competitors… (I’ve watched him do this in the past)

So if you want IN at the cheapest this program is ever going to be, get in NOW.

And from what I’ve seen, some of Bill’s new students have already paid for the cost of the program with some of the trades it helped them get into in the past week. Now, anything can happen – you may fare worse, you may fare better, but this is GREAT NEWS.

Here’s Bill’s short presentation that reveals how to get access TONIGHT to the trade alert software:

==> Visit Forex Profit Multiplier Official Website

(TIP: If you’re already seen Bill’s presentation, just hit “refresh” in your web browser after it loads and you’ll be able to skip ahead and order right away.)

I’m glad Bill was able to keep the price so low on this program for you. It really deserves to be sold at twice the price he’s letting you in at right now, and I firmly believe he’ll come to his senses in the next few months and raise the price to where it should be.

As it stands now, you’re getting in at what amounts to around 83 percent off the full real world value of this program, and that’s a big deal.

Just as I finished this article, I received confirmation that at this time next week, Bill’s program WILL be off the market. I imagine he’ll close it in the next several days, so if you’re still “on the fence”, get in on his 60 day guarantee.

==> Visit Forex Profit Multiplier Official Website

Rob Trader – Forex Expert

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