Two Percent Daily – Very Profitable Forex Trading System

By | November 13, 2017

Turn $ 500 into $ 65254 in 12 months or $ 1000 into $ 113616.

I trade this way everyday and always bag 2%, sometimes more. This step by step plan will guide you to do the same…

Take a calculator and multiply your initial investment by 1.02 (2%). Each time you press equals is another day making 2%.

Watch how quickly that figure grows!

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I want to share my manual trading method with you as I know how hard it can be learning to trade the Forex successfully. I have been there myself. After years of trading with every manual and automated system I could find I finally began making 2% every day trading my own way. I started with a modest investment that has grown substantially by gaining 2% every trading day. I have compiled an e-book that explains exactly how I trade. Including entries, exits and money management. All the hard work has been done for you.

The “Two Percent Daily” method is very easy to follow. You will know exactly when to enter and when to exit. Manual methods are more reliable than automated Forex Robots. Forex Robots can perform well in over optimized backtests but inevitably fail on live accounts. They WILL lose your money. With this method you are in control of your money.

This is a long-term method that consistently makes profit now and will continue to in the future as it is not dependent on market conditions. This method adapts to any market situation – ranging or trending. You do not have to avoid news and can be done trading for the day in a couple of hours at the most.

Personally I am a very money conscious person and do not like losing. My method reflects this as it minimizes the potential for a loss as much as possible by immediately locking in profit whilst milking the trade until the very end with a tight trailing stop.

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– 2% account increase every day.
– Small investment required.
– Finish trading in a few hours. More free time!
– Trade during London/NY session.
– Simple to understand.
– Very little risk = 10 pip stop.
– Works on any broker – ECN and non-ECN.
– Work from home.
– Be your own boss.
– Lifetime support.

The method works on the GBPUSD m15 charts during the London and NY session. There are no discrepancies about when to enter. The entry criteria is the same every time and not dependent on a whole host of useless indicators lining up. This method does not rely on lagging indicators.

Why am I sharing this great method? Because regardless of how many people use it – it will still work. In fact, the more the merrier!

I remember how hard it was trying to find my way in Forex and now that I have succeeded I want to help those who may have been misguided or constantly losing money to turn their fortunes around and become wealthy. There is more than enough money in Forex for all of us!

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Rob Trader – Forex Expert

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