FX Solutions Forex Broker Review

By | November 13, 2017


Forex is a business where people try to earn a profit by exchanging one nation’s currency for another and take leverage of the exchange rate. It has got a worldwide community of people who indulge in it and if put together would make up a small country! Forex has many software programs associated to it, that claim to make the learning curve of this business relatively easy for new comers or for those who are not new but are baffled by the sheer detail that go with being in this business.

One such hugely popular software is the FX solution. It’s an online Forex broker platform that incorporates various visual and audio aids such as graphics etc to make the process of forex brokerage easy and at the same time fun for users. FX Solutions is the brainchild of a company with the same name that provides unparalleled online brokerage services to retail and institutional customers. The company has an immense network of clients in over 50 countries around the globe where it provides risk management and FX trading.

So what exactly makes FX Solutions so special? For any online forex broker platform, four key areas are considered to be of paramount importance.

1) Regulatory oversight

2) Security of funds on deposit

3) Features incorporated in the platform (such as ones mentioned above)

4) The ease, quality and overall stability of the trade process execution.

Regulatory oversight:

Regulatory oversight of FX solution or for that matter any broker platform in the forex business is the first essential piece of information that comes under scrutiny by any purchaser. FX solutions broker is regulated by the CFTC and is a certifiable member of the NFA.

Security of funds on deposit:

FX solutions allow users to establish an account with the minimum opening balance of $ 250. The funds are deposited by methods that are universally acknowledged and are safe, these methods include:

1) Payment by bank wire

2) Payment by credit card

3) Payment by paypal

4) Payment by check

Salient features of the platform:

FX solutions broker comes with an array of unique features which have rendered it a very popular and dependable choice amongst the forex community. These features include availability of 28 currency pairs which is higher than most other platforms. FX solutions broker also allows the users to indulge in the trading of precious metals like gold.

As per user reviews, the most popular set of feature that has really made FX solutions forex broker stand out are: trailing stop, free automated trading, Meta trader 4 and the latest induction of mobile trading.

FX Solutions forex broker also comes with a demo account. These demos let the user practice and learn the ropes while faithfully replicating the circumstances and conditions one would encounter while indulging during a real live session. The option of live chat is also inculcated to allow the users to chat amongst themselves to discuss opinions, ideas and exchange views.

The ease, quality and overall stability of the trade process execution:

Owing to the attributes mentioned above, FX solutions forex broker makes forex trading a smooth, clean and overall an enjoyable process.


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