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By | November 13, 2017

Forex profit calls are chart alerts that will alert you to a potential profitable trade in the making.

There are some prereqiusites to becoming a top trader, not the least of which is to have the ability to identify a potentially good system, from the 99% rubbish the internet offers. If you can not talk to the trader who compiled the sysem - stay away - he is not a trader and likely a coder who has a demo account to see what trading is about.

there are basically three market actions which the system writer has to synchronise into an alert sothat the trader can read from the chart if the opportunity is present now or if it is yet to come. Many Forex Profit Calls turn into disaster, most times because the trader can not read the chart - or he thinks he can, and falters right at the entry point as he has interpreted the story he was provided when he bought the system that makes no money. 

There are very few coders that are good enough traders to write a system that will make money. Why are only 5% Forex Traders successful? Because most who try filter through piles of rubbish they dont understand and more often than not buy something they'll never use. SAVE YOUR MONEY TILL YOU KNOW.

Robots are a great lure to the uninitiated. ALL falter, rather sooner than later and consume ALL your capital.

The three main pillars on which the market volatility and direction rests must be coded into a fore Profit Calls system, and when all are synchronised and meet at the right place, you have an opportunity to trade provided you can read the chart - because nothing tells you for sure in which direction it is going - but if you can read the chart you will score 90% of the time. If it was that easy all these system writers would now be millionaires. Please head my advice...Learn to read the chart which makes the Forex Profit Call - these are only a reality in systems written by experienced profitable traders.

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